SRG Culinary Trends 2019

SRG’s Culinary Trends report, now in its sixth year, is the result of a deep and broad exploration of the global foodscape.

An elite foodie group composed of the internal SRG Culinary team and external Culinary Council—more than 175 food experts, sociologists, chefs, nutritionists, and other trend-spotters—gather clues from far and wide to piece together the food trends for the upcoming year.

The puzzle for 2019 is complete. The theme: optimization

Never before has hack-finding been so prevalent in setting trends. In an era of uber-consumption of technology, it’s not surprising that trends across all segments, including food, are stemming from the desire to improve all aspects of the human experience.

Scroll down to view the 2019 Culinary Trends assets including the full report, video assets, images, and infographics. Click on each piece to download individually, click here to download the entire asset package (110 MB), or click here to download the press release (PDF).

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