Trait Biosciences

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Trait Biosciences

Trait Biosciences needed to break through the cannabinoid category. An overcluttered, overgrowing category with new brand launches daily. What Trait needed was a compelling and differentiated brand story. But their story was complex with four customizable, distinct benefits—super-producing plants, water solubility, crop protection, and THC-free hemp. To make things even more complex, they had to appeal to B2B as well as consumers.

With things complex, we got busy, turning the world of cannabinoids into something simple and compelling. We started with strategic platforms on which to base our innovation and design, looped in our creative teams, and developed multiple options that were honed into the winning idea of...

“Genius Distilled.” Distilling the ancient wisdom of the natural world and human ingenuity into creating technologies that make the world’s purest, safest, and most accessible cannabinoid products. “Genius Distilled” was at the heart of our storytelling and development of our visual language across all marketing elements to bring to life Trait Biosciences' complicated but compelling story for all the different constituencies.