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My Dog Thinks I'm a Genius

Whether it’s finding an elusive tennis ball or using your thumbs to open doors, your pets think you’re the smartest person in the world. Our client, PetArmor, helps prove this perception to be a reality by providing flea and tick protection that directly compares to Frontline without Frontline’s incredibly high price. So you don’t have to overpay to protect your pet, you can just…protect them! Like the great pet parent your pet knows you are.

Your Pet Thinks You’re a Genius celebrates pet parents as being geniuses in the eyes of their pets as well as being geniuses for choosing PetArmor. This competitive campaign is directly aimed at Frontline and pivoting perceptions that they are superior. Both happily humorous and genuinely heartfelt, this campaign continues the push from our previous work with PetArmor, giving all credit to the true heroes: pet parents. Because you are your pet’s armor. And PetArmor Plus is your partner through it all.