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You Are Your Pet's Armor

We are a company full of pet parents. So, winning PetArmor as a client came not only naturally, but passionately. What started as a brand positioning of “Love Smart” soon became a full-fledged advertising campaign. We realized that pets are dependent on us for, well, just about everything. From the moment they wake up, they look to us. For food, for water, for love, for protection. This insight led us to the idea that as a pet parent, you are your pet’s armor.

In fact, the statement “You Are Your Pet’s Armor” embodies everything the brand stands for and how they and the consumer share the belief that the role of pet care is an emotional one. We took that strategy and filtered it through the idea of “at-home pet care” (as opposed to vet prescribed—PetArmor’s niche) because pet parents know what’s best for their pets and not every ailment requires a trip to the vet.

Ultimately, the campaign gives credit where due: to the pet parents to help solve flea and tick needs at home and establish PetArmor as their trusted partner for their pet’s health needs.