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Independent Beer Run Day

Oh, Independence Day. A beloved holiday, full of traditions that…really don’t have anything to do with independence, but in reality could, and should, have everything to do with independent Craft Beer from small hardworking breweries.

So...when the Brewers Association challenged us to come up with a way to be associated with one of the biggest beer-selling days of the year, we thought, “Hey! Why don’t we make it an official holiday of our own?” We claimed July 3 as NATIONAL INDEPENDENT BEER RUN DAY: A fun, tongue-in-cheek, yet completely official way to remind people to celebrate Independence Day with independent beer. And in doing so, we could drive home the link between the spirit of small and independent breweries with the day Americans should be celebrating that kind of independent spirit the loudest. We’re hoping to promote National Independent Beer Run Day annually, solidifying independent craft beer as the unofficial/official beer of Independence Day.