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The Natural Products Industry Forecast 2015

NEXT Forecast is the premier insider's guide to where the natural product industry is now and where it is headed. Born from the partnership of New Hope Natural Media's Nutrition Business Journal and Sterling-Rice Group, this comprehensive report provides a deep dive into the trends and market forces driving the three core product categories within the natural products industry: natural, organic, and functional foods and beverages; dietary supplements and nutritional ingredients; and natural living (beauty, household, and pet). The Forecast identifies the products, people, and macro forces that will shape and provide the greatest opportunities for tomorrow’s natural products landscape.

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SRG Unveils Top 10 Natural and Organic Trends for 2014

At Sterling-Rice Group, we keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in food. Over the years, we’ve seen that many trends that ultimately influence mainstream grocery and foodservice were born in the natural and organic sector. With lower barriers to entry and a consumer who’s comfortable being an early adopter, innovation and change are both certain and continuous. Here’s a look at what we see trending now that may show up at a major grocer near you soon.

10 Top Trends in the Natural & Organic Space 2014

2014 Top Natural and Organic Trends
2014 Top Natural and Organic Trends

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Crunchin' On with Ellen

You might get in an argument over who really is America's favorite nut: California Almonds or Ellen DeGeneres. What there's no disputing is that when you put them together, magic happens. We teamed up California Almonds with Ellen in a 2:30 live commercial that delivered fun facts and sheer ridiculousness. Not only was Ellen's studio audience entertained, her fans on YouTube loved it to the tune of hundreds of thousands of views days later.

Live Commercial

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The not so age-old question: Verde or Diablo?

First, we helped Qdoba, the unquestioned king of queso, develop some bold new queso flavors, then we set out to let the world know, and boy did they respond. Millennials, our core target, unleashed an outpouring of hashtags, posts, and selfies—all declaring their excitement over the new Diablo and Verde quesos. More importantly, the social media queso love fest resulted in a 14% sales increase in the first week alone.

Queso Showdown

Queso Showdown

Billboards & Truck Wrap


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Finding the sweet spot for ZonePerfect.

Nutrition bar maker ZonePerfect saw its sales declining. As the category enjoyed rapid growth, something had to give. Namely, the outdated packaging and positioning. The SRG team clarified the brand position and target, and developed a concept: It's your life. Nourish it. The redesign reflected the empowering position with a youthful, energetic, and simple approach. Retailers were happy to embrace the new look and positioning. Now it's in the hands of consumers. 

Identity & Packaging

ZonePerfect Packaging

SRG Media

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